Do you have a life question that needs answering?

We are Intuitive Energy Channels
who can help you gain clarity when life gets difficult

Do you need an answer about relationships, family, work or even your life’s purpose?

Clarity Sisters are unique.  We are able to tune into the same energy at the same time – a bit like joining a conference call.  We can simultaneously “dial into” the energy of our client, the question asked and the vibration of our late grandfather Walter Whately Carington who was an eminent parapsychologist and psychic researcher in the 1930s -1940s.  His connection gives us a clear and precise platform, enabling us to help our clients find answers and different perspectives.

“It’s mind blowing…. You’re a true blessing to this world and have so much power to help others. 
The guidance you gave me helped ease my worrying thoughts. You see so much and have such a spiritual connection. Thank you, you are wonderful and never stop doing what you do.”

Marcell – UAE

“I found the Clarity Sisters messages to be complimentary, yet each addressing my question in a unique way. Being an intuitive myself, I can say with confidence, that they have an authentic connection. I highly recommend their services to anyone who seeks greater understanding for their life concerns. I now feel a greater sense of peace.”

Daniel – USA


You are in the right place, at the right time, if you have been led here.