“It’s mind blowing…. You’re a true blessing to this world and have so much power to help others.  The guidance you gave me helped ease my worrying thoughts. You see so much and have such a spiritual connection. Thank you, you are wonderful and never stop doing what you do.”​

Marcell – UAE

“I found the Clarity Sisters messages to be complimentary, yet each addressing my question in a unique way. Being an intuitive myself, I can say with confidence, that they have an authentic connection. I highly recommend their services to anyone who seeks greater understanding for their life concerns. I now feel a greater sense of peace.”​

Daniel – USA

“Such valuable nuggets of information… especially a “story” symbolism about trains to explain the process to me. It makes things so much simpler…. What great advice saying don’t get off the train as it is moving.

 It is OK to get off at a stop along the way but not when it is moving. If the momentum is going and you decide to leave, disorientation happens.

Reminding me to step out of the fray…and enjoy choices from a distance… it was all spot on… so peace giving!

With so much love and gratitude.”

Naveena – Oman

“My reading turned out to be the best thing I could’ve done, it helped me to gain clarity over a professional situation that at one stage felt hopeless and confusing . I felt guided and also that I was being led in the right direction.

It was incredible.  They understood so much about me and the situation I was in and helped me to see everything that felt hazy and unclear.

The reading gave me clarity and purpose and helped open my mind to the bigger picture and to ultimately what I wanted and needed.”

Chris – UAE

My healing with Carina became a reading with Ondine too. For the last 30 years everything in my life has been all about other people and looking after their well-being above my own, a mother and wife, so quite normal. Over the past few years I became thoroughly exhausted and lately it became apparent I have been boosting others up at cost to my own physical and emotional well-being.

Since my healing, in which my poor state was picked up on, I concentrated on my inner-self becoming my outer being and learning to “care less” over others’ actions and speak up for myself!

Very soon things started to happen (after my healing)  that I had been waiting for, and was ready for. For some years I have suspected I am neurodiverse and the initial forms for assessment finally came through three days later. The questions were very thought provoking to complete and I was brutally honest (spoke up) about how I am living in a world that I often become frustrated by. I have now accepted it is time to be unapologetically me and brush off negativity that affects me more than the average person. Being someone else for everyone else was a repetitive behaviour that I now recognise as damaging and can shield myself from going forward. It’s going to take a bit of practice, but Carina and Ondine have shown me the right direction and given me the spiritual energy push I needed.

Anon – UK

“I asked Carina to help me with one of her energy healings after 4 months of struggling with undiagnosed condition that left me physically and emotionally drained.

My energy healing session started with an instant lightness of the entire body which lasted until the end and the following couple of days. The weight of my body having been seemingly lifted from me, my awareness was centered on my inner self. The channelling energy done by Carina was very powerful and she very quickly “stepped aside” for a message which wrapped me in a soft blanket of knowledge and love.

….It was an incredible sensation of being able to let go, with astonishing and very accurate statements, as well as the powerful healing that took place. The negativity simply faded away during the session. Carina told me to look in the mirror after the session and to ask people around me how I looked: the physical proof was right in front of me, my face looked full of energy… Carina‘s energy healing was an important step on my way to recovery. Thank you so very much!”​

Yasmina – Germany