How We Work

What is an Intuitive Energy Channel?

Everyone is intuitive, even if they think they are not. We are all energetic beings. We literally vibrate all the time. Some people can physically feel vibration or see energy.

We all have feelings and can sense things; it can be a “gut-feeling” or getting “goosebumps”.

Our intuition is basically our inner guidance system, a bit like a GPS. However, sometimes this system can get disconnected and things become confusing. This is where Clarity Sisters can help you reconnect.

When Clarity Sisters receive a question, we don’t discuss it. We just agree a time when we will both meditate in harmony and tune into the energetic realm. This allows us to then receive our intuitive messages at the same time which we write and once done, we “swap” messages. Messages are never altered (apart from possibly some punctuation) and then they are sent to our clients in a personal PDF document.

We often say to clients that we connect and work through an energetic Wi-Fi.

Every single question and identity of our client is kept totally confidential at all times.

What are the main reasons that people approach us for help?

Our written messages give guidance, direction and clarity

“Thank you both so much for the reading. Both so accurate. Thank you for making my day.”

Angela – UK