My distant healing sessions can be carried out in many different ways.

Many of my clients like to relax in their own home and lie down comfortably whilst I work with them.

You can use earphones, or have your phone on loud speaker as I often receive messages for you whilst carrying out the healing. I do this through Zoom or WhatsApp calling by working from my treatment room and visualising you being “present” with me so that I can tell you what area I am working on as I move around the treatment bed. You don’t have to interact with me.

You may also prefer to sit quietly during the pre-booked session and be aware of the healing being sent, without any audio interaction. If you would like to book this type of session as a “gift” to others, I would always recommend that you inform the recipient of the day/time so that the energetic awareness is heightened. A photograph, if you are happy to share, also helps.

Any information that you wish to give me prior to your healing will be useful – such as request to focus on a certain area of your body or where you are feeling a block.

Please prepare yourself for the healing by relaxing ten minutes beforehand.

I look forward to working with you.